Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No Van...


Today, I woke up to snow. Only an inch, but I don't have winter tires yet, so I was not super amused. Neither was Cees when I woke him up to help me shovel.

Erik had an 11am appointment in town. I got him up, we drove, and about 3/4 there, my van stalled and stopped. Um... That's a fluke, right? I really don't have time for a broken van right now! It stalled and stopped a bunch more times before we arrived (luckily pretty close to home, it's only about a 10 minutes drive, no highway driving either.) I parked and hoped it would work when we got out. I am an optimist.

Finished appointment, and started van. Phew, it worked! Well, for a few minutes that is. Then it stopped again. OK, fine, I am not going anywhere but the garage. Managed to drive it there, stopping only a few times, handed them the keys and begged them for a ride home. Stuck at home. Which would have delighted me to no end, apart from having some commitments which could not be canceled.

I called a friend and suckered a ride, which she thankfully was able to give me. Yay for friends! Tomorrow, another friend will help me with homeschool club rides. I just hope the van will be fixed soon. This is kinda inconvenient to say the least.

The good news is that I could drive it to the garage, instead of having it towed. I am grateful for small things like that.

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Meritt said...

I'd be grateful too. Find joy where you can!!!