Monday, December 15, 2008

capitals are optional (just a teaser post)

i went away for a whole weekend, all by myself! well, to attend a go work shop, but not taking any of my family members.

the trip got kinda delayed by the stupid ice storm, but i did make it to philadelphia just fine.

remind me to skip the george washington bridge next time.

i had an awesome, fantastic, super time. even if i didn't sleep much.

later, i'll sit down and tell the story about how hard it is to get one's rental car from the impound lot in philadelphia. especially if said rental car has a maine licence plate, and a new hampshire driver who was born in finland.

anyway, i am back and totally exhausted but very happy. maybe my van even will be fixed today. i will post more later when i can hold a thought for more than a microsecond.


t in hd said...

How do you get away without the kids??? I can't even manage with only three kids. What's your secret? Spill!

NannyOgg said...

The only way I can do it is because I have AWESOME friends! I mean really really truly amazing and awesome and the best friends ever.

They rock!

Friends support is so powerful,


Meritt said...

But... you got some gorgeous photos!!