Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Walk

Nice weather this weekend, so I took the little ones on my walk around the block.

Gravity was kind of severe, so Sylvia occasionally 'slipped' and fell.

Erik was just running around.

We found exciting objects, like a fire hydrant.

My kids HAD to do 'Statue of Liberty' imitations here.

Sylvia called it 'I am statue of the world!'

Yes, I am happy it's spring again and we can take walks like this.


daidai said...

what a nice day!

veganbaby said...

I can tell you guys have been here a long time with your shorts. It was nice, but still too cold for us to wear shorts.
I love the 2 different boots.

Alice the Brit said...

LOL - I just LOVE the odd wellies on Sylvia - I remember doing that as a little girl at home, grabbing the first 2 wellies I could that looked the general right size!!

iliana said...

Well, now you've gone and done it.. this post, celebrating the arrival of spring has brought yet another snow storm. Hmph. You **know** you shouldn't tempt fate!

It's all your fault! Every flake!