Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Origami Fun

For the last few weeks, at go club, Kate and Sylvia have been having fun with origami.

Last night, I went out and found an origami book and origami paper, since they seemed to enjoy it so much.

It was an amazing success.

It didn't take long for everyone to be involved into the fun.

We have many origami models all around the house now.

Those kissing pinguins are one of my favorite models.

I guess I'd better find an on line site to get cheap origami paper. If you have any pointers, would appreciate it.


veganbaby said...

Do you think graph paper will work? We never used special paper, just scraps from the house. But I don't know if it requires counting squares or not. I"m very limited on what I can make. And I already forget all except the crane and boat.

daidai said...

I love kissing pinguins. need to learn how to make it. :-) My figures are a little tired for making more than thirty cranes last night. And I just made another four cranes which I will bring to Kate.