Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Go And Geocaching

On Sunday, I went to my very first American go tournament! It was in Boston, and I tremendously enjoyed playing against real people. I even won one of the games. That means that I lost the other three, but I am focusing on the win instead :-)

Not only did I go to my very first go tournament, but in a moment of insanity, I committed myself to becoming first dan by August. The AGA (American Go Association)was looking for participants for their Shodan Challenge, and it sounded like fun. Why not go for the stars instead of focusing on just one step up. The Massachussets go tournament got me an official AGA rating of 14k. So only fourteen levels to go to first dan! Although I will not really believe the 14k rating till I have reached 14k on KGS too.

On Saturday, we went to the Montshire Museum to celebrate Erik's birthday. We had a great time, and I even managed to find a locationless cache. It's amazing how I can fit geocaching into my daily life :-)

Yesterday, we had Dungeons and Dragons club at our house. Only one of the player characters died, and he got reincarnated into a big, black bear, which led to a very interesting play. We barely saw the players, once in a while a bunch would come down to grab some food, and that was it.

Today was geocaching day, even although the windchill was like -20 F or so. We did a virtual that mostly required a lot of driving on a local road, so we could stay in the nice, toasty car. We did one traditional cache, almost freezing off our fingers trying to deal with the nice, icy ammo box. It was at a very nice location, but for some reason we found the cache and almost ran back to the car, because it was so coldy, cold, cold (as one of our local cachers tends to say in her logs).

Now I need to study more go problems! What did I do? Was I insane to sign myself up for this? Oh well, I'll just have to do it now, since I publicly committed myself :-)

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