Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Caching Day?

Yes, that was the plan. Last night, I made plans to get together today to hit a bunch of caches in Vermont. I haven't cached in ages, too busy with all the holiday stress and sick people. So I was really looking forward to a day totally devoted to caching. That is, till Erik started complaining about being sick. Followed by him sitting down on a chair close to him, and falling asleep!!!! Which is totally unheard of, my kids never sleep. I just knew something was up, and when I felt his forehead... Ouch! He was burning up.

I briefly considered that this could be an illness which would only last for a few hours. But I realized that it was most likely the same virus that Sylvia had, and that that wasn't really a one day virus. So much for that caching day! Poor Erik!

It was nice and warm in the bed during the night, laying between two feverish kids. But at least Sylvia was feeling a lot better today, her fever was almost totally gone and she was active again. Yesterday, her eyes were kind of glassy, today she was her own bright eyed self again. Much better! But Erik made up for it by having a high fever and feeling very miserable. At some point he was asking 'Mama, can you help me? I need you to make me stop being sick!' Awww, if only I could.

I did some stuff around the house, but I really had rather been caching. Stupid viruses! I did go on a walk to my beaver pond though, and found a perfect cache location. So I can count it at least as a partial caching day, right? The beaver pond is always so peaceful and quiet. It was weird to see it without snow in January. The ice even wasn't completely covering the pond, makes me wonder whether it really is winter?

Lisa replied to me about the gingerbread house. The answer is yes, other kids do act that way when decorating a gingerbread house. They also tied a barbie to a nerf rocket and launched her into space. But they're not sociopaths I swear, LOL. I told the boys that some kids were even more creative than they were and they immediately started plotting how to do better than Lisa's kids. So here is my oldest boy, begging me 'Can I cut up a barbie if I have the owner's permission? Please? Can I???? Please, please, please????????????????????' Hmmmmm, reading all those parenting books had not prepared me for this question.

Yes, he ended up cutting up the barbie, with everybody eagerly watching and commenting. Cosmic karma struck though, and he cut in his own finger while cutting off her nose. Jane is now the proud owner of a handless, feetless, and noseless barbie. She taped it to our front door, and reminded me 'Don't forget to tell those people that we tied her to the door!' Thanks Lisa! Your kids have corrupted my kids...

The good news is that I finally reached 16th kyu on the go server! Now I can strive for my new goal, 15th kyu :-)

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