Thursday, October 07, 2004

Three Queries!

Well, it is less than I had planned on doing (my goal was one a day), but it is more than would have happened if I had continued to procrastinate. Three query letters have been sent out, and maybe I'll get out more tonight or tomorrow! It's a start.

Still trying to find my car registration though, ended up going to city hall to ask what to do to get a duplicate. They filled in the Yellow Form form for me, and sent me to the DMV. The DMV was closed for lunch though, so still no car registration for me. Don't want to be pulled over again, but hey, at least I can show them my Yellow Form to prove that I am trying to get my registration straightened out.

Sylvia has found her feet! So cute when she is sucking her toes :-)

For Jennifer B, no, I am not an American citizen, that's why the border patrol wanted to check me out. I am one of those suspicious Dutch citizens. Not sure why they call it border patrol, since it was at least 100 miles from the border I think. I wasn't trying to get into Canada, I actually was driving away from it. Still got stopped though, and had to be checked out because of not carrying my green card with me. At least they didn't notice that my inspection sticker was out of date, now that would have gotten me into even more trouble!

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