Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The whole crew

Desperately Caching

The weather has been so nice lately, that I feel that we should get as many caches as possible in, before the snow starts. Winter is right around the corner, yikes! So today was totally devoted to caching yet again. Can you tell that we are hooked?

This morning we did some caching related administrative stuff. Cees's very first cache had been found yesterday, but the coordinates needed some tweaking. Travel bugs had to be activated, cache pages needed to be printed, and somewhere in between all that, we even ate some breakfast. We had hoped that our own new cache would have been approved already, but that didn't happen till tonight. So no first finder on that one yet.

Then off we went, and when the kids were finally in the van, I realized that I hadn't cut up my new orange fabric yet. I felt better about having it with us, because of hunting season, so I did a very fast project of cutting 7 strips of Halloween felt, which we could use as scarves or whatevers.

Now we really went off, we didn't even forget anything essential. Found the trailhead pretty easily, only one wrong turn. The biggest issue was meeting a truck on one of those one lane dirt roads. He was better at backing up than I am....

Today's cache was on the top of a nice, big hill. So up and up and up we went. The usual amount of complaining, whining and fighting happened, and it got windier and windier the higher we got. At the top it was really really windy. There used to be a cabin at the top, but some one stole it! How the heck would you steal a cabin? There still was a chimney though, and the anchors on which it had been chained. Guess that didn't help enough against theft.

Amazing views, I love those hill and mountain top caches.There is something soothing about being on top of the world, looking around you, enjoying the views. Even if there are kids insulting each other in the background :-)

Time to hike back, and get ourselves to the local Borders, where we met two other geocachers for some tea and hot cocoa. Very enjoyable afternoon with them. And yes, I did buy more books than I was planning to buy, somehow that always happens when I go over there. Even if I go without the kids. With the kids, it's even worse. Although I was able to resist the Hello Kitty mini DVD, which Kate tried to make me buy :-)

No, I didn't make any progress on my quilt, but maybe later tonight. For now I want to go watch the moon eclipse, it's just starting. But hope to do some sewing later.

On top of the world

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