Monday, October 11, 2004


So many things to tell, so little time. My friend's baby is still in the hospital, and my friend is holding her as much as possible, making the most of the time they will have with her. Yesterday, I visited them, the baby is so cute and precious, it's hard to know that her time with us will be too short. Very sad. The baby's name is Angela, very fitting.

I finally got my registration straightened out. It took one visit to city hall, a visit to the DMV, another visit to the DMV, $12, a visit to the garage, but now I finally have the right color sticker. The kids didn't understand why getting a different colored sticker had to take up so much energy, I didn't either :-)

We hid our third geocache! Decided to do it on the Appalachian trail, which passes not too far from our town. We hiked in for about an hour, so it should take a normal person not more than 20 minutes I would guess :) Found a good spot to hide the cache, looking forward to reading the logs of the people finding it. Hiding caches is a lot of fun, even if it isn't as adventurous. We even were back at the car before dark :-) Got some sundaes to celebrate our third cache hide.

It was cold today, but I still did some outside stuff, putting gardens to bed for the winter. I had a lot of compost delivered last week, and am working my way through that pile now. I am sad that gardening season is over already, I feel that I didn't really do enough gardening. On the other hands, the reason that I didn't do much gardening is happily sleeping on top of me right now, so I don't care that I never harvested the beets in time.

But worse, geocaching season might be over soon! This road trip down South is starting to look more and more attractive, just don't know yet whether I really want to be stuck in the car with the kids for a long, long time. Have to think about it. There are a bunch of people I really really want to meet though.

We went apple picking again today, less apples, but just as much fun. Now I just need to find time to actually bake something with all those apples. I haven't even been baking bread, well, at least, not as much bread as I usually bake. Maybe I'll start a sponge tonight, so I can bake fast bread tomorrow morning, before going out on yet another geocaching day :-)

Had a LLL meeting tonight, nobody showed up. Which is not unusual for our night time meetings. We (my co-leader was there) still managed to sit and yak for more than three hours.

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