Saturday, October 23, 2004

So tired

Caching, And Caching!

Well, it isn't all we did today, but we did spend a good part of the day caching. Cees hid his very first cache, all by himself. We had to wait 'far' away, so we wouldn't see where exactly he hid it. He really enjoyed making plans, preparing the cache, and doing the actual hide.

Then afterwards, we went to a local cache, in a very remote NH pond. About a mile hike in, but no bushwhacking, and the most amazing thing was that we were back at the car at exactly sunset, so no hiking after dark :-) Very nice pond, quiet, peaceful, well, apart from my kids fighting that is.

This morning we had a homeschool club meeting where we got all our kids back, so we are up to seven again. The house feels more right with them all at home.

And last night, I finally managed to hit Staples, so I could make copies of clips for my paper query letters. I sent one out today. I have received one rejection already from the three I sent out over a week ago, but it was a 'We have enough material' one, as opposed to a 'Your writing sucks' one, so that was ok. I am just happy that I got those queries out at all, even if nothing comes from it.

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