Friday, October 01, 2004


In more than one way. First for this blog, I have been wanting to write so many things, but life keeps getting in the way. Yesterday, we spent on the top of a mountain instead of blogging. Not only that, but we logged our first First To Find!!! Will post more details later, because at the moment I am also procrastinating on a query letter. In a moment of insanity, I decided to sign up for the MomWriters Query Challenge. We got divided into teams of five people, and the team with the most queries during the month of October will win.

Sounds easy, right? Yes, that is if you are a good query writer. As opposed to one who has lots of ideas, but always seems to have life getting in the way of query writing, and the 'there's always tomorrow' philosophy. Suddenly, tomorrow is here upon me!

This is what I wrote to the QueryChallenge mailing list today. I am still trying to get that query at least started today!


It was a dark and stormy night...

At 12:01, I could have started on my first query letter. But instead, I was snuggled in bed, next to my baby, and too lazy to get up and get my butt into gear. There would be so many more hours in the day, I would do it later...

It was a nice and sunny morning...

Homeschool meeting, I considered taking a piece of paper and start on writing a query. Never happened, but that was ok, there are so many hours in the day...

It was a even nicer and sunnier afternoon...

Decided that I hadn't cooked for so long, that I really wanted to make soup today. Thought about query letters while cutting up veggies. Does that count? I thought not, oh well :-)

Had to get the boys off to a scouting camping trip, I actually managed to turn on the computer before they left, but never actually sat down and started anything on it. I did dig up my Writer's Market book, and started looking for markets, but couldn't find epregnancy, which is going to get my first query. At least, it did give some examples of query letters, which should help.

Did lots of other stuff, but still no query letter.

Suddenly, it was night, and nothing had been written yet.

I did on the computer, and stared at a blank screen Picked up email, read message boards, and stared at the blank screen again. Read some more email, went into chat, and stared at the blank screen. Got one of my epregnancies that was laying around, and wondered what the heck the difference was between an executive editor and a managing editor, and stared at the blank screen. Looked for writer's guidelines for epregnancy on line and could not find them. Stared more at my blank screen.

Time was ticking, it was almost 10:30pm now. Realized that even if I write a query, I can't even print it, because I have run out of toner. But I still wanted to get the query written today.

I wish I could post a happy ending, but for now just posting the resolve of getting the query written, even if I am not sure yet which editor, but at least I can get everything else right.

I hope every one else is doing better than I am :-)

Stay tuned for more procrastination updates.

Karen :-)

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