Friday, November 14, 2003

Talked With The OB

Today, out of the blue, my ob called me! The one who did the myomectomy. I had written her a letter, telling her about my pregnancy and about my decision not to do any beta levels or early ultrasounds. I hadn't heard from her, but I hadn't really expected anything anyway, I just wanted her to know about my pregnancy without having to refuse any testing on the phone. A letter gave me more opportunity to explain my reasoning to her instead of to a nurse. Then suddenly, today, she called, asking how I was doing. I thought that was really nice of her. I told her I still am pregnant and we agreed that the fibroid most likely had been the reason behind all the miscarriages. She was very happy to hear that this pregnancy seems to be working out.

She asked me whether I had thought more about the whole planned c-section issue, since she had recommended a scheduled c-section for this time around. I told her that yes, I had thought about it and was sure I was going to have a vaginal birth. I did wonder whether I would be able to do that in the birthing center where she practices though, since they are a lot nicer than our big hospital. She said that she would prefer me to go to the big teaching hospital, so it looks like I don't have much of a choice in birthing location. Oh well. At least I asked, and I know now.

I guess next week I'll call my homebirth midwife and start my prenatal care. I didn't want to jinx this pregnancy by doing early prenatals, I really wanted to get through the first trimester without seeing any one medical. I saw my dentist today, that was bad enough! LOL I did have some small cavities, but they all could wait till after delivery in his opinion. I was happy to agree with anything that would delay the drilling :-)

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