Monday, July 08, 2013

We Got CHICKENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After many years of dreaming about chickens, many years of drooling over way overpriced chicken coops, many years of talking myself out of it, and a few weeks of ticks overtaking the backyard I have decided to go for it.

Yes, time for backyard chickens!


Everyone chose their own pet chicken. We had a friend who needed a good home for some of her chickens, so it all worked out perfectly.


Another friend built the chicken coop out of pallets.


Now we are the proud keepers of backyard chickens!


Looking forward to making then part of our composting cycle.


To use them for organic pest control.


And to enjoy their eggs. Some white, some blue and some brown.


We ended up with a Spitzhouben, a Blue Cochin, a Barred Rock, a Chocolate Wyandotte Bantam mix, and three Americaunas.


And with many less ticks in our backyard once they can leave their coop!

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