Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fifth of July

After the fireworks got canceled on the 4th of July we got another chance a day later.


The day was spent playing board games. I think this one took like four or five hours?


But finally it was night time and we headed over to the fireworks location. We still weren't sure whether it would actually happen, since there was quite some rain just before we arrived.


Being optimists, we got our blankets and food out anyway, since at least we could be comfortable while waiting for the thunder storm fireworks to start.


We ate and we talked and we had fun and hoped for the best.


We kept looking at the sky which didn't help much since it looked like thunder storms.


But not only thunder storms. There also was a glorious rainbow. By now I felt that even if the fireworks wouldn't happen, we had had a great time hanging out with family and friends anyway, so who would care.


But the fireworks did happen and were quite spectacular!


What a wonderful time we had!

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