Monday, July 01, 2013

Brain Bee!

This year was the first time that we had a local Brain Bee (a kind of trivia contest about neuroscience). It was open to all local high school students. Jane signed up.


I was impressed with how much support the competitors got, they had neuroscience students run study sessions with the high schoolers to help them prepare for this Brain Bee.


Finally it was the Saturday of the Brain Bee and I dropped her off at her high school so she could take the bus together with the other competitors of her school.

First they had a written test (not multiple choice to Jane's disappointment ^^)
Then they had neuroanatomy questions where they had to figure out what is what in a brain model.
In between they got to see and hold! real brains, sheep and human! How cool is that?


Last there was a diagnosis section where there were a doctor and a patient. The patient would describe his symptoms while the doctor would tell what the treatment would be. The participants had to write down what they thought the diagnosis for the patient was.


Time to count the scores and announce the finalists. Jane was one of the five finalists so that was pretty cool!


The finalist got to compete in a trivia / spelling bee format where they would be kicked out when they answered too many questions wrong.

Jane was one of the last three standing! The suspense, it was killing me!


She won!

Now she can compete in the National Brain Bee in March next year. So proud of my smart girl!


More photos and an article.
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