Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Capitol

We spent the morning at the Air and Space Museum and on the map it looked like the Capitol was right next door. Only it was not as close as the map seemed to make it appear, so we walked and we walked and we walked and found out we had to get in via the backdoor.


Did I mention that we walked and walked?


Finally we made it to the Visitor's Center.


Notice all the cute hats the kids are wearing. On the first day of our visit it was really cold and we happily found a street vendor who was selling those hats. Good market sense she had.


I know y'all wanted to see the rest rooms in this fancy building.


There are many statues. Every state donated two statues to the Capitol building. It is interesting to see the choices they made. Most of the statues are men, but there are a few women.


Like Sakakawea


And Helen Keller, including Braille on her statue.


The hall has a glass roof and you can see the dome of the Capitol when you look up.


The glass roof created unexpected rainbows on the walls.


We did locate one of the New Hampshire statues. So much to see!

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Petra said...

Hebben jullie de rondleiding niet gedaan? Dat zou zo makkelijk geweest zijn. Jammer dat je mij niet hebt benaderd, ik had zoveel tips kunnen geven (en een voor jullie na al die jaren jou gekend te hebben gratis rondleiding)