Thursday, February 21, 2013

Air and Space Museum

Another day in DC and another stop at the Smithsonion. This day it was the Air and Space Museum on the National Mall.


This museum is so visually pleasing, every time I looked around I saw something else interesting.


Surrounded by air planes and teaching us more about the planets sharing our solar system. Well, apart from Pluto of course, which got kicked out even in this museum.


Sleek air planes.


Interesting visual details found by Sylvia who took most of the pictures in this post.


When I was a kid I thought it would be realy cool to be a stewardess, and here I learned what would have been required.


Everyone back then knew that a male simply could not exhibit the nurturing and comforting behavior that a female could. Well, until they decided that just maybe they could after all.


And we all know that women with an education get to go places.


Not sure why a stewardess would need to be a registered nurse, but I am sure it all made sense.


Just a tiny bit of age discrimination back then. They all knew that none of the business travelers would want to be served by an old woman :p


We enjoyed the different exhibitions, as with the natural history museum: so much to see!


Sylvia found many cool photo opportunities.


And Kate found glow in the dark nail polish, since no girl's life is complete without that.


Yes, my kids love the museum gift stores!


Another great museum experience!

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