Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So Much To See!


I remember being here with my kids a few years ago. So cool we visited again!


The buildings still were amazing, I love the feeling of history that was surrounding us everywhere. Looking up and seeing buildings like this everywhere.


Did I mention the cool lanterns?


My kids provided the obligatory silliness, since what is vacation without being silly? Also someone wasn't feeling super well, so managed to convince her siblings to carry her.


Notice the Washington Memorial in the background. Sadly we weren't able to visit it since it was still closed since the earth quake a while ago.


It still amazes me how this now is part of my adopted country. It seems only four years ago that I was European! And now this is my country and we are blessed to be able to visit its capital. Of course, that is the sappy version, the reality was filled with a lot of 'My feet are hurting!' 'When will we have lunch?' 'Are we going to the hotel yet?!'


Bodyless heads in random locations...


The Museum of Natural History had a cool exposition on the oceans. Sylvia and I spent some time watching a movie which took us to the bottom of the oceans. The twilight zone, the dark zone with lots of luminiscent creatures and the mysteries of the stunning ocean floor. Now I wonder whether I should have become a oceanologist after all, like I briefly considered when I was a teenager.


A giant squid.


And let's hope that Sylvia will never meet a real life white shark...


Anyway good times were had by all.

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