Friday, September 14, 2012

Meal Times with Oma

My mother lives on her own, so she is used to quiet meal times. She often has people over, including for meals, but she still is very much used to eating by herself or with only a few people.


Things are a bit different at our house. Our dinners tend to include five to ten people, sometimes more, so that was a tiny bit of an adjustment for oma. The dinner conversation is not always quiet and civilized and the table manners sometimes have room for improvement.


This was our dessert after apple picking. Kate and oma had worked together to make an apple pie. It didn't take long for it to evaporate.


Oma told us about her youth, when she lived in a house without electricity and had to sleep in the attic with her nine siblings. They all slept two to a bed, apart from her brother, who got a bed all to himself.


When there was a thunder storm, the attic wasn't deemed safe, so they all had to come downstairs, and sit in the living room, against the wall, until the thunder storm was over. Oma said that she would be sooo tired and sleep sitting up, but they weren't allowed to go back upstairs.


When oma's sisters turned teens, they would have to go to work. No high school for them, they would be hired as a domestic helper somewhere and work quite hard and not make much money.


My mom was one of the lucky ones who got to go to high school, most likely because she was the second youngest. The youngest two children got to go to high school, and one of her older sisters did too. The older sister who went to high school was a very good student and that was why she got an exception from the work requirement.


Anyway, it was wonderful to listen to oma's stories during meal times, but I bet oma is going to enjoy being home and have somewhat quieter meals. Less dishes too.
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