Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apple Picking with Oma

We went apple picking with oma in one of our local orchards. The weather was beautiful, the fall air was clear, and the apples were perfect. Well, apart from the ones that weren't, but most of them were.

Oma with Three Grandkids

Erik managed to get himself out on a limb, picked a bunch of apples, put them in his t-shirt (he left his bag at the start of the limb) and then discovered that he couldn't climb back with a t-shirt full of apples...

I discovered that I left my SD card for the camera at home... Luckily the camera has an internal memory, but that only fits a few pictures. Still better than nothing.

Brady was amazed that this whole orchard was full of balls to play with. They had nice colors too! One time I threw a wormy apple and he was like 'A ball a ball, I'll chase it!!!!!' He almost pulled oma off her feet. Oops...

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