Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labrador Day

Yesterday, when other people celebrated Labor Day, we celebrated Labrador Day instead. We took Brady to a local park where a fenced in field gave him a safe area to run.


When we just arrived, he was totally sniffing everything and ignored toys, attention, and was too busy checking out things. Dawn got him to pay attention by running and then he slowly connected more with us, and less with every smell and every sound.


We brough his frisbee and once he focused his attention on us, he was very happy to play with the frisbee.


He has had two good nights, makes himself comfortable on living room floor when I go to bed, but somehow teleports himself to the couch when I wake up in the morning.


Apart from that he has excellent house manners, although I have kept the loaves of bread out of his reach since his last owner told me that is his only weakness people-food wise.


Yes, I am so glad we got him, and now I can almost not imagine that I didn't say yes the first time the advertisement showed up.

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