Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Trip

The trip was not without adventures, as in the car not starting after getting gas in St Albans, VT. You know the cold feeling you get in your stomach when you turn the key and almost nothing happens... Mentally I was already trying to figure out how to get a rental car in the middle of nowhere and whether we could still make it to Montreal that night, but I also was hoping that it was just the battery and that jump starting would solve the problem. Of course, it did seem mightily unlikely that keeping the lights on for a few minutes while getting gas could have drained the battery, but I like to be an optimist.


The gas station didn't own any jumper cables. I didn't own any jumper cables, or at least didn't carry them with me in this car, since it's relatively new and not like the car I had before which had to be jumped over and over. Back then I always had the cables. So the gas station attendant asked all her customers whether they by any chance had jumper cables and about 20 minutes later we found our savior. We attached the cables and the car STARTED!!!!!!!!!! I didn't turn off the car till we were in the parking garage in Montreal!


One picture at a time worked. What about two at a time?
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