Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Biodome

On Wednesday we visited the Biodome. We took the metro from the hotel, although I have to admit that it wasn't easy... I soooooooooooo felt like we were country bumpkins when we could not figure out how to work our three day pass and gain admission to the platforms. We tried many different things, including chanting and standing on our heads, but nothing worked. Until one of the locals took pity on us (when she stopped laughing that was) and showed us how to do it. Gah.


Next thing we lost Erik in the metro although we did eventually locate him again. Mental note to self 'Learn how to say 'I've lost a kid!!!' in French, since there is a good chance that the metro attendants will not at all understand English.' Luckily I was able to convey the message to them and they started calling around when Erik showed up in the next train. Phew...


The Biodome was fun as always, it is always nice to see all the different climate systems they have built.


We were planning to do the Science Center that day too, but after the Biodome and lunch we were ready for a break, so instead we went to the Grande Bibliotheque, the national library and saw part of their manga exposition.


Four pictures didn't work earlier today, hope they will this time.
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