Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bad Penguin


I like how the Biodome has different ecosystems, here Kate is looking at the introduction to the St Lawrence valley.


Hiding in an egg is fun. I do not remember what kind of egg it is, but I don't think the kids cared.


When we arrived at the penguins we were happy to see it was feeding time. All the penguins were crowding around the care giver, eating fish after fish. I wonder how she keeps track who got fish already and who didn't yet. After a few minutes she got up and handed over a small penguin to another caregiver who came from behind stage, and disappeared with a flailing, wing flapping penguin in his arms. We had no idea what happened, so for now our theory is that it must have been a bad penguin and he was put in time-out.


After the Biodome we went to the metro, had food in the underground city and went to visit the National Library. There was a Manga exposition, pretty cool. We asked whether we could use the computers for internet access and it turns out that yes, that was possible after half an hour of showing official documents. They were very disappointed we couldn't show picture ids for the kids, beyond our Biodome card 'We need an OFFICIAL id, madam!'. I told them that the kids could get into Canada on their birth certificate and thought 'Geez, the birth certificates are good enough for the border crossing, but not good enough to browse the internet in a library?' Anyway, eventually we had our coveted internet access and the kids were all happy and content :D
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