Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Hotel and The Metro

The border was fast and easy (I might have told the kids about 25 times 'No Jokes! NO JOKES!!!! Border agents do NOT have a sense of humor! Especially not you, Rowan! Don't say anything unless they ask you a specific question.' (name changed to protect the innocent).
Most of our trip was accompanied by Northern lights, which was like the universe reminding us 'Life isn't so bad after all, is it?'


We arrived at the hotel past 9 o'clock at night and found out that their parking garage doesn't allow studded tires. And yes, my car has studded tires indeed because my driveway is steep and evil (No wonder no one wants to buy this house!). They gave us a map to another parking garage, and I found out that Kate is NOT good at reading maps. At all. 'nough said. Eventually we parked the car.


Thanks to the wonders of Hotwire, we had a nice hotel, and got a room on the ninth floor. None of the buildings in our town is higher than a few floors, so we enjoyed watching out all over Montreal. When we arrived, there were some fire dancers performing right in front of the hotel. How much better could it get? To top it off, Erik had not thrown up in the car and seemed to be over whichever bug had been bothering him. I just hoped it was not contagious, since I didn't want to be stuck even in a nice hotel room with puking kids.


It got even better next day when we discovered that our hotel was connected to a metro station, we could get there without ever having to go outdoors. Which was fun once we didn't get lost over and over anymore. The underground city of Montreal is quite amazing! We almost always saw musicians. This accordion guy was the kids' favorite because he played the Mario theme song!!!!

ok, one or two pics work, what about three?
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Javis Monzalton said...

That guy looks a little like Mario, too, if he had a disguise. XD Anyway, it's nice that the hotel was near the Metro. It makes things very convenient, no? And it did lead you to some fun sights.