Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random Geocaching Pictures and Thoughts

Over the last few weeks, I have increased our geocaching frequency and duration. I think part of the reason is that the summer is nearing its end, and I feel we haven't done half of the outdoors stuff which I wanted to have done. Another reason is just because I love geocaching and the new places it gets me to.

Geocaching has not only introduced me to many cool locations, but I also have met many wonderful friends this way. And yes, I just LOVE being outside, which doesn't hurt either.

A townhouse built in 1863. I know that is nothing in Europe, but it's pretty darned impressive in rural Vermont.

A grasshopper met at 'Catcher in the Rye' which suddenly, to my utter dismay, got renamed to 'Cacher in the Rye' after I logged it! How wrong is that?! I made it very clear in my cache notes later that I did NOT approve of the name change. Mutter, mutter. The nerve of some cache owners!

A geocache at a pond which I had tried to find years ago, when Sylvia was still a baby in the sling. It was snowy and the pond was ice and it was frigging cold, and after too long of searching in the snow, we decided to turn back. Finally can cross this cache from my list of sorrows!

We went geocaching two out of three days during the past long weekend. Not bad at all!

I love those trail bridges! Better than the cache yesterday where we couldn't figure out how to cross the stream.

Beautiful clean water. Yes, our water still is back and sometimes bubbly, sometimes not. Thanks to mongoose I have been drinking it anyway, and I haven't keeled over dead, so I guess it's not too serious ^^

We did this cache on our way back from the puppy raiser classes. Figured could as well get some caches in if I had to drive halfway through Vermont. (My family loves me for that ^^)

Life is good!

Stay tuned for the stories of yesterday's caches, three of which were found during daytime, and five at night during a new moon. Not bad, eh?


veganbaby said...

Makes me miss New England. Glad that you had fun with all your caches!

Wendy said...

I was going to say just that- it makes me miss New England. Well, except that snowy, frozen pond part. I'm loving our warm, sunny days, though the landscape is definitely less lush.