Sunday, September 21, 2008

Moose Tracks and Bear Poop

Yesterday, life was perfect and we went geocaching. The cache was hidden at a local nature area.

Yes, those are bullet holes, thank you. Why are you asking?

I had never before heard about this area, but it's actually really close to one of my friends.

Cool how geocaching always gets me to new and beautiful places.

We breathed in the air of nature, enjoyed the sounds of birds, and talked about boobs (don't ask!)

We found the cache pretty fast and easily and decided to continue the hike to hide another cache.

Life was perfect.

Heck, it was perfect before we started the hike, but got even more perfecter while we were hiking. Yes, I do realize that this is mathematically impossible, thank you.

This is Maggie the beagle, we found her in the cache.

Huge mushrooms.

Bear poop.

So many moose tracks!

And an abundance of ripe and juicy berries. Did I mention about the goodness of the universe?

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