Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Voted, I Voted, I Voted, I Voted!!!!

Today, for the Very First Time ever, I voted as an American citizen in the state primary elections. All the hard work paying off! Finally a return on my investment! I haven't voted in Dutch elections either, because of being too far away and the absentee ballot being a pain. So I didn't vote at all for the last fifteen years.

I had been kind of waiting for a post card or something to tell me where to vote (I seem to remember this from the Netherlands) but nope, nothing. When I told this to a friend, she explained to me that that isn't the way things are done here in the States. OK ^^ So, this morning, when I saw 'Vote here!', I decided to check it out. Of course, I discovered that I did not live in this ward, so I had to go to another location. Wasn't too hard to find the correct polling place.

I went in, stated my name and address, got my ballot, and went into one of those voting booths. There was a nice pen to colour in the 'ovals of my choice'. Interesting. Very low tech, and in the end I stated my name again, dropped the ballot into a box and that was it.

It was surprising to me that I didn't have to show id to be able to vote. I can see how it might not be too hard to pretend to be someone else. But I didn't have to be someone else, I could vote in my very own name as an American citizen!


Mongoose said...

Congratulations! I get to vote for the first time on October 4. I'm so excited!

flyingfisher said...

Well, SOME states do do more than we do in this state!

For instance in Oregon: Your County Elections Office will mail you a Voter Notification Card to confirm your registration.

Texas: Your Voter Registration Card (Certificate Number/VUID, County of Residence).

If your application is complete and you qualify as a voter, the Supervisor of Elections will mail you a voter information card as official notification that you are registered to vote.

Kentucky: Upon receipt of your voter registration card, your county clerk will send you an acknowledgement card verifying your registration

and so on.....

Meritt said...

Yeah for you! :)

The id process is different all over. Here in our little town the old ladies that man the tables know me personally so I don't have to show id. LOL.

I'm sure I still would if we lived in some of the other cities and states we've lived in though.

Anyway - wanted to say it's cool to see you and your family so excited about the voting process!

TheFiveDays said...


Rebecca said...

I get a postcard, but you found your way anyhow!

Annalise said...

I voted earlier this year here in England, and was very taken aback not to have to show id! It all seemed way more laid-back than the way we do it in South Africa. Congrats on voting!