Sunday, August 17, 2008

Zapple Pie!

Well, as Meritt said in my comments: 'When life gives you zucchini's... make Zapple Pie! And Zapple Crisp and uh, can some zapple pie filling for the upcoming winter!'

And boy! Life is giving me zucchinis! They are hiding behind the bushes to ambush my kids. They are invading my house. They are spawning like crazy!

Oh, you don't know what zapple pie is? I had no idea either, but it turns out to be a zucchini pie pretending to be an apple pie. Since zucchinis and apples do look quite alike, don't they?

Jane and Sylvia weren't too sure about the whole concept at first. Jane made a great pantomime of almost eating a bite, but then being too disgusted and scared to actually follow through on it. But, in the end, Jane, Dawn, and Sylvia all enjoyed it. Why, yes, the boys do not touch anything which is remotely vegetable-like. Not even if it pretends to be apple, thank you!

I liked the pie, it was easy to think this was apple pie instead of zucchini pie. The mind is good at playing tricks with us. I could taste zucchini if I focused, but it was very easy to let myself be fooled.

Today, I took leftovers to share with some friends, and they enjoyed it too. Or maybe they did a great job at pretending to enjoy it.

If you want to try it yourself, click here for Meritt's recipe. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

would be hard to eat it with the yummy cake in the background:-)

AKA......Kathy said...

Hmm, I think we'll stick to apple. I'm sure if I made it nobody would eat it and that would leave me to eat a whole pie, which while nursing is not beyond my appetite's abilities. Looks yummy though.

Meritt said...

Hey I'm glad you tried it!

Actually - If you slice the zucchini right, they look like apples too and no one knows! LOL. I've served it many times and the kids friends had NO IDEA it wasn't apple pie.

I laugh while I write this because I did it to my father as well - and he would have puked had I told him any differently. Shhhhh!

NannyOgg said...

We actually served it to someone and said it was apple and she was fooled till the kids told the truth. So I can see where that works.

Go for it, Kathy!

And yes, the cake was more popular with the kids than the zapple pie. Weird...


Rebecca said...

Their faces say a thousand words.