Monday, August 25, 2008

Tim in The Netherlands

Did I mention that two weeks ago, we dropped off Tim for a trip to The Netherlands? All by himself! He is visiting grandparents and having a great time. He went to a cyber cafe, to Amsterdam, to Avifauna, to the Blijdorp Zoo, to some amusement parks, and many more. This picture was taken at the airport when we dropped him off.

Tomorrow, he'll fly back and we'll drive down to Boston to get him. Can't wait to have all my kids home again, even if he did have a wonderful time :D


txmommy said...

what a super cute picture!

Jody said...

Karen, you all look so happy! Love the picture. Who's the very cute bearded guy?

NannyOgg said...

Thank you, txmommy and Jody!

I really loved the way this pic came out.

The bearded guy is a good go friend (as in he is a good friend, not as in he is good at go. Although, he actually isn't too bad at it either, I guess ^^), who lives close to Boston.

Karen, who loves run-on sentences

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family + a random go player!
When we meet finally sometime in near future, I will buy you all frozen yogurt with three toppings of fruits and Dutch chocolate chips after Korean dinner of your choice, I promise. You, the random guy, can tag along of course ;-)