Sunday, August 17, 2008

Learning To Read

Today, my dear Sylvia made me very, very proud. We were sitting on the steps, and Sylvia looked up and pointed at the words in the picture. 'Mama! I can read that!' My mother heart beat proudly as I realized that my 4yo must be a genius and another early reader. She finally must have cracked the phonics code! My Sylvia rocks!

After basking in the 'I am the best and greatest mother' glow for a while, I asked her 'Great! What does it say?' She confidently answered 'Girls Only. No Boys Allowed!'



veganbaby said...

LOL. She is merely translating it layperson's terms. You know, so that we normal people can understand what the sign says.

Shel @ Life With Seven said...


NannyOgg said...

So should I sign her up for Mensa yet? ^^


Rebecca said...

Love it!