Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Magical Cat

Once upon a time, flyingfisher and I went out for a night time walk in her neighborhood. We were chatting and solving all the universe's problems when we saw The Cat. She was sitting right next to the road, watching us approach. When we came closer, she retreated into the ditch and the shrubbery, and observed us from there.

We came up to her hiding spot and flyingfisher started to talk to her. 'Hello beautiful cat. Isn't it a wonderful night for a walk and for meeting new friends?' The cat stared at her. 'We are not going to hurt you, don't worry' The cat licked her paw and pretended lack of interest.

I had been listening to the somewhat one-sided conversation, and decided to offer an invitation to The Cat. I told her 'You are more than welcome to join us if you want.' and that was what she had been waiting for. She immediately got up, and calmly walked over to us, greeting us by sniffing us and marking us with her scent.

We exchanged stories. We told her about our feline friends and our life, which she reciprocated by stories about far-away times and places. We were enveloped in a magical spell of goodness and love. We stayed with her for a while, before continuing our walk. She joined us till she came to the borders of her territory, where she sat down, and told us to go in peace. We thanked her for the joy of her company and finished our walk feeling much better for having met her.

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