Saturday, July 21, 2007

News Flash

Today, people in our neighborhood were startled by an unusual noise from the Deerbaby household. When they went over to investigate, they were greeted by a big van, which looked like its contents had exploded all over the driveway. There was a stack of clothes, a bag of half eaten crackers, a moldy lollipop, and a few torn up books. There were towels, beach toys, spare bottles of oil, many broken toys, and empty fast food wrappers. There were shoes, boots, mittens, some even were in pairs. On closer investigation, they realized that most of them were single ones though, just like everyone has in their own car.

Most peculiar items were a big box with many square boards though, and many boxes with black and white pieces of candy-like looking tokens. Mr Peterson counted ten of the weird looking boards, and another one which was smaller, clearly an infant incarnation of the big boards. Mrs Sibelius told us 'I don't know what's up with this family. Last year they had all those ammo boxes, this year, they are getting even weirder. I am looking for a new neighborhood to move to.'

Mrs Deerbaby could not be reached for commentary, as we saw only her legs sticking out from the door of the van. The sound of vacuum cleaning could be heard from inside it.

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Oma Flinger said...

I seriously need to do that. Currently, I am drinking a chocolate cherry martini to inspire me.