Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun in Burlington

I had read about the Echo center in Burlington and thought that would be a fun place to take the kids. The night before, I checked their web site, and noticed they had reciprocal membership with Museum of Science in Boston. This was great, since we have an 8 person membership in Boston. Not only that, but the membership was going to expire two days from now, so it was just in time to use it.

Well, Echo's idea of reciprocal turns out to be only 2 adults and 3 kids. We still had to pay for the other kids. Large family discrimination yet again. Which I thought was even more puzzling since our membership in Boston is for 8 people, but they only honor 5. If I was organized at all, I would write them a letter, but I don't expect I will actually get around to doing so.

The Echo Center was fun, it was even more fun to meet some good friends there. Friends we had NO idea about that they would be here on that day. Very cool.

After a while, we went outside and spent lots of time at the water front. Enjoying the views, the sun, the wind, the good food. We even found a geocache!

We were supposed to find more geocaches, but decided to take the ferry instead, it was just the perfect day to be on the water.

It was very windy, but also very beautiful.

On the other side of the lake, we explored a bit, and then decided to spend a few hours on the beach. We were annoyed at ourselves for not bringing our bathing suits, that won't happen to us again!

The afternoon got even better when we got treated to live music. Beautiful!

The kids were soooooo hoping to see Champie, Burlington's residential lake monster. But the only Champie they saw was this one.

The sun was setting while we were at the lake, and we had a glorious full moon on our way back home.

We might have found only one cache, but this sure was a great day. This is what summer should be like. This is why I love spending time with my kids, they are a joy to be with on trips like this. At least, most of the time ^^

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Anonymous said...

I love all,especially THE one,i dont know the animal name,but every kids found out a postion,(no tara)looks so enjoy this visit!

Uncle ANG