Monday, July 09, 2007

Caching at the Lake

After our rainy adventure and DNF, we decided to do an easy cache next. The closest, easiest one, turned out to be a cache under an apple tree which sounded fun. What I hadn't counted on, was that the cache turned out to be RIGHT next to a lake, with boating access. The kids had totally NO interest in the cache at first, but just wanted to play at and in the water.

It all started very innocently.

But soon, Sylvia and Erik took off their shoes 'We just want to get our feet wet, mama!'

And it didn't take long before all were in the water.

So much for 'Only our feet, mama!' Erik was the first one to fall down backwards in the water.

Let's just say that this reminded me why I should have put dry clothes in the car. Some day, I'll be organized, I swear. Up to then, we'll just have to make do with solutions like this:

Yes, we did eventually make it to the cache, looking like a gang of vagabonds, but that only helps to confirm to people what large families are like. Nothing like living according to stereotypes.

Talking about families, I really liked the welcome message of one of the towns we drove through. "XXX! Where a small town is like a large family"

We were going to go caching again today, but the weather is not quite cooperating. As in: it is pouring down right now, with lots of impressive thunder and lightning. I might be forced to stay home, and study go instead.

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