Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lessons of the Day

  1. When you have to drive two hours, and you know you might need some extra energy, do NOT take one of those 'energy drinks' Not even if the can looks really cool. That is something only teenagers fall for, you know.

  2. If you don't listen to your own warnings, and get one anyway, do not decide that finding a geocache is more important than getting dinner. Realizing that all eating places have closed by the time it is dark. (It is summer after all). Resulting in driving home on empty stomach and WAY overdosed on caffeine. It is a bad sign if you feel like your mind can just fly to the beautiful planet Venus, which is tempting you above the mountains.

  3. If you are stupid enough to do those things, expect to have to pee really really really really really badly before the end of the trip and hope that truckers are not paying attention to people next to their car in one of those weigh station pull-offs.
Not that I would know any of those things by experience, of course, this is all theoretically. I am sooooooooooooo going to go back to plain coffee, when I will need my next caffeine boost. And yes, I do realize that it is almost 3:30am and I am still very wide AWAKE :p

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Annelies said...


Ik heb Caroline hier eens rond zien stuiteren na zo'n energy drink ;-))
mag ik bedanken? Geef mijn portie maar aan Fikkie!