Saturday, April 29, 2006

Oh, that's why it feels so good!

We went shoe shopping. They have started rolling out the red carpet when we arrive, dollar signs blinking in their eyes. It was the normal stress and mess, but eventually we all had shoes. Erik was trying on a shoe and walked around the store. I saw him and said 'Erik, your shoe is on the wrong foot.' Erik replied 'Oh!!!! That's why it feels so good!'

Tim's were too small, too big, too tight, too loose, too purple or too black. Eventually he chose some, now we just have to convince him to actually wear sandals instead of winter boots.

Sylvia wanted to wear other shoes about constantly. I hope she is not going to turn into a shopper! The older girls and Cees did their own thing, nice to have some independent ones.

Now back to studying go! Oh, I guess I need to make some food too.

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Shel said...

The dreaded shoe shopping! Not my favorite thing to do either. At least you managed to get everyone some shoes, that is good:-)