Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hungry Fish...

At least, that's what Sylvia must have thought when she emptied two containers full of fish food into the aquarium... The fish food (or whatever is left of it) has been put up high now and I have replaced half of the aquarium water and the filter. STill very cloudy, I hope it will magically turn clear again, because I have no idea what more I can do about it.

My go tournament was fun, a whole day just playing go without ANY interruptions! I played as 3k, won 2, lost 2 games, so that seems like an ok rank for now. Only three more stones to shodan!

1 comment:

harri saptadi said...

overheard in the aquarium,
+) where're the tea bags.
-) meep O_?
+) it's 'Boston Tea Party, part II', correct?