Thursday, April 06, 2006


Just one of those blah feeling days, no idea why. Maybe it's the weather, it turned cold and snowy again after a few teasing days of spring weather. Maybe it's some other stuff going on. Just don't feel right today, and not sure what to do about it. Most likely just hope it will pass and kind of ignore it.

I am having my period, which doesn't help either, it's not my favorite thing in the world. So messy. But I did get go study and aikido study in. I realized that the samurai in the old days most likely never had to interrupt their kata for a panicky 1yo 'Mama!!! Pee!!!'

The girls are out shopping for matching outfits with their friends. How did I end up with kids who enjoy shopping? Must be from Sander's side of the family, they sure didn't get it from me.

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Jody said...

((((HUG?S))) to you! I hope the weather clears for you and brings osme sunshine and wormth soon!