Thursday, December 01, 2005

API Meeting

Today was the second API meeting at our house. One of my friends recently started up a local API chapter and I offered to host at our house. Figuring it wouldn't be bad to have another reason to clean up the house once in a while.

Of course, my clean up got a bit complicated by the fact that I had go club last night, and had a friend calling me for a ride late at night. But somehow I did get things accomplished. I even was going to go to bed early, like before 2am, but it was 3:30am before I noticed the time again :p

Today's topic was positive discipline, but somehow it morphed into life with a toddler and a baby. We all agreed that it just plain is hard to be caregiver of two little ones. Things never get done. Toddler- baby interactions are not always optimal. There is lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth. By the toddler too.

I told people that seven kids actually is way easier than two kids was, back then. Things just sucked for a while, the transition to two kids was incredibly hard. I also shared about the parenthood mantra 'This will pass. This will pass. This too will pass.' Yes, it all is coming back to me and I have to say I am very happy that we came out at the other side, and all still were alive.


poopsmith said...

hiowdy, my name is poop, jk not really but i typed in deer and this came up so i came to this blog laterz.

-moo say's the cow-

Kathy said...

Hey Karen. Sounds like a fun group to belong too. I agree it's easier having the older kids to help. Hey you haven't mentioned in long time whether you are planning to try for any more of those sweet baby's that you make. Glad to see you writing more regularly now:-) I have missed being able to keep up with you.