Tuesday, November 29, 2005


We had a nice quiet thanksgiving with just the nine of us. Being Dutch and vegetarian, we decided to skip the turkey and eat pad thai instead. Which horrified some people we told about this, that was funny :) But I really wanted to make something which wouldn't take me a lot of time, but still tasted well. After all, I had to make sure to have time to play go too :)

Sylvia is such a toddler now, always on top of things and into things. And she is so convinced that she is always right, that everything is hers, and that we all exist to cater to her wishes. She can be quite loud about it when reality catches up with her :-p

We have had snow last week,the kids really enjoyed it. Did I mention how I am not ready for winter??? Oh well, we'll get through it somehow.


Anonymous said...

You can send me some snow. It's been hot here - in the 80's at least. Isn't it supposed to be winter?!
I'm still waiting for fall!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I wanted to say that I'm glad that you are back to blogging. I was getting so tired of the same post always being there!!