Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tactical Self Defense

I had signed up for a tactical self defense class at our karate school, because it sounded both interesting and useful. Last night was the second class. Wow, i am having so much fun doing it. We are learning a lot of techniques to fight back if you get attacked, but there also are many other things to learn. There is emphasis on personal safety by avoiding violence. The teacher is really good, and has some amazing stories to tell.

This is a three weeks class, but they are considering lengthening it to twelve weeks, to give every one more opportunity to really learn the techniques. Last night we did exercises like standing in the center of a circle of seven persons, who would take turns 'attacking' you (just shoving) and you had to sidestep and attack on his way past you. Pretty hard to have to keep track of so many people and have the possibility of attack from all sides.

Doing this class has me convinced that I am ready to pick up martial arts again, I used to do jiu jitsu and aikido in a former life. Way, way back, when the Earth was still flat and dinosaurs roamed the plains. OK, maybe not that long ago, but it was still in the Netherlands. I only did it for a year or so before life happened, but that was enough to now know that the time is ready to pick it up again. I spoke to my kids karate teacher and got the name of a good local sensei. The only issue was that the class mostly is young, male, college students, so it can be kind of rough at times. I told him that I didn't mind, and he added as an afterthought that maybe this was actually good and would make the skills I learn even more useful in a real life situation.

So going to look into starting aikido or jiu jitsu classes, I hope it will work out. Somehow I feel totally ready for it.

This morning we had the very first local API (Attachment Parenting International) meeting at my house. It was a good meeting, nice people, fun was had by all. I baked my 'famous' cinnamon raisin bread, and had managed to have the house ready and cleaned up, and the bread started at 10am, even after playing go till 4am this morning :D

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