Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Eagerly anticipated, long awaited, happily prepared for, Halloween finally arrived. A few weeks ago, I took them to the thrift store and let them go wild in the halloween sale. They all put together all kinds of interesting costumes, and Tara made sure Sylvia got a cute costume too. Over the last few weeks, Kate kept losing parts of her costume, swords kept being broken, but eventually all costumes made it more or less to Halloween.

This morning, we carved pumpkins. It is nice that most of the kids are starting to be old enough to do it without much or any help. The only thing I did for the older ones, was to cut off the top. They were quite creative in their carvings. Kate me a sunflower with a square sun (I had told her that curves are hard). Jane made a rat on one side, and a face on the other. Tara meticulously carved the word HATE in her pumpkin... @_@ Tim and Erik made more standard jack-o-lanterns.

The boys went trick or treating with a friend, in a different neighborhood. I dropped them off, came home, and found part of Tim's costume in the car... So I had to go back and get it to him. The girls had a friend over to go trick or treating with them, they had a blast. Dh and I were out with only the little ones, weird to suddenly be a two kids family. We almost looked normal! Sylvia figured out fast how to behave when trick or treating. She would ring the bell, and the moment the door opened, she would eagerly hold up her halloween bucket, looking expectantly at the person who opened it. She often tried to push open the door, making it go faster.

Erik kept talking about all the humans we were trick and treating at. 'Let's go to that human's home now!'

Now every one is in bed, not necessarily asleep. It was quite an interesting evening with eight kids on sugar highs... Kate totally lost it before she finally fell asleep. She kept crying about nothing, over and over. So every one was happy when she went off into dreamland. Most likely filled with lots of candy :)


Lisa said...

Sylvia and Mel have the same method. Mel kept pushing Lily and Fletch out of the way and holding up that bucket. And nearly scaling people's legs if they didn't get it to her level quick enough.

Jody said...

It looks like you all had a blast carving!

Love their costumes!

Mia was cute too. Such a fun age. She got a bit spooked and did plenty of mommy hugging, but all in all had a fun evening.

Wendy Swanson said...


It is great to see you blogging again. I have been reading your blogs on the run - just busy with work and life in general. I love the picture of the kids - wow how they are growing and the halloween costumes are great!!

I had my first Halloween with Siri off trick or treating with a friend this year. It was bittersweet - I missed my little girl but I need to celebrate and let her spread her wings!!

Great to read your updates!!