Sunday, October 02, 2005

Farmer's Market

Last month of our farmer's market, it's bittersweet to think that the season is almost over. It was a gorgeous day, and the atmosphere at the market is always great. The kids got their bakery treats, and home made ice cream. They ate honey samples, chatted with friends, and had a great time.

I got a card to send to a friend who's in the hospital, it has a close up of a cow, looking straight at the camera. Turns out that the cow's name is Blossom. I'll tell my friend that Blossom wishes him well too. I have been sending cards and letters to people, which I enjoy doing, but hadn't done in ages. I have so many people I would like to write a letter or a card, but I was unable to do it since shortly after Sylvia was born. Things just weren't right, and somehow I couldn't find the energy to send cards or letters. So I am very happy that I am getting back into the habit, I hope that it lasts.

This afternoon I went to go club. Sylvia had a great time running around and climbing on everything. I spent a lot of time chasing her instead of playing. She is so cute though, that I didn't care at all.

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