Saturday, November 12, 2005

I Got My Sword!!!!

Yes, at aiki budoin, they have been out of their mind enough to actually give me a huge wooden sword, a bokken, or also called katana. Now all those other people roll and fall and do all kinds of cool things with their sword. I can't even do a roll correctly without a sword. The idea of trying to make a good roll with a sword in my hands is not too attractive to me. Let's hope it's something that won't happen till I am black belt or so...

Talking about rolling and falling, it's amazing how hard it is to do that well. Where the rolls look super gracious and totally natural and easy for the others, they do suck for me. I slap my arms at the wrong time, keep my legs wrong, and do one thousand other things incorrectly. I can improve one aspect at a time, but then forget about the 999 others. Not to mention that I can't just jump up in a fighting position immediately after my fall or roll either. This will take me a while to master!

The kids were super excited when I came home with my big sword. They all had to touch and hold it, even Sylvia :)

Today, after homeschool club, I ended up with ten kids. All the extras went home again though, so the house is nice and quiet now. Hmmm, that might be because it's 4am, maybe I should go to bed :-p

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