Thursday, December 15, 2005


Yes, we have entered the possessive stage. If Sylvia has touched something two months ago, it is 'Mine!!!!' the moment anyone even looks at it. This morning, we had another toddler over, one who also is in the possessive stage. Which led to some amusing situations, where both of them were standing next to each other, clutching a bunch of toys and stating 'Mine!!!' to each other. Then they would put some down, wait for the other to do the same, and grab the other's toy and do the clutching / stating thing again. It was funny to watch.

She has decided that she's a big girl now, tells us when she has to pee, or just climbs on the toilet herself. She has one accident today, and that was it. Looks like this will be an early potty trainer, nice. I even take her out in public now without diapers and usually it goes fine. Apart from when we had a nice puddle on the floor of the Borders cafe...

Yet another snow storm ready to hit us. Tomorrow we'll have 4 to 8 inches of snow and ice pellets. Oh joy!

Christmas shopping is done, almost all the wrapping is done, somehow it's so much easier now that the kids are old enough to help with all that. Gone are the hours long wrapping sessions in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve.


Lisa said...

Mel is in this stage, but her word is me, me, me! She's not interested in the potty though.

Jody said...

Mia is trying to potty train too. She takes all of her clothes off and sits on the potty a kazillion times a day with no results. Ah well.

Go Sylvia! And yeah for you!

Anonymous said...

Sylvia is getting so big. Taniyah turns a year old on the 21st and she's not even walking yet. She is still so much baby. I'm enjoying her. It'll be time for the next one soon!!

Hope you have a great Christmas.

I have a blog now also although not quite as eloquent a writer as you and Chris are!!