Friday, December 09, 2005

Four Inches and Counting

Sigh, winter is here for sure. Today we are being hit with our first significant snow storm. It's noon now, four inches so far, and still falling heavily. Why did I want to live in New England, again?

Did I mention that I have two puking kids, and one who is 'not feeling well'? On the upside, now I can't go to the homeschool support meeting, but will have to stay home and study go all day long. Too bad :)

I played in a go tournament this weekend. Yet another snow storm hit us that day, although it wasn't as heavy as this one, it still wasn't fun to drive in it. I did ok during the tournament, ended up fourth place in kyu division. My official rating now is 5k, which means I only have five stones to go to shodan (kind of black belt level) It was so nice to be out there, all by myself, without 4,000 kids interruptions. I would like to say that I played better than when I have sylvia with me at go club, but I don't think that was true, still made so many mistakes.


Annelies said...

Ik ben stilletjes een beetje jaloers op je sneeuw. He theeft in Nederland al heftig gesneeuwd. Alleen niet hier. Nog geen vlokje :-(
I'm dreaming of a white Xmas.......

Jody said...

Wow! on being only 5 stones away! That is really awesome!

How was Sinter Klaas?

Essie said...

Hoi Karen,
hartstikke goed dat je weer tijd maakt voor jezelf! Ik kan me niet voorstellen weer in die heftige winters te zitten. Vier koude winters in Indianapolis was voor mij wel genoeg.
Hier in SoCal is het tussen de 15 and 25 graden C. Afhankelijk van de bewolking etc. Nog steeds kurkdroog.... nee mij hoor je niet klagen!
Sterkte met de zieke kids!