Thursday, February 17, 2005

Travel Bug Fun!

Erik's travel bug, Be-ah, a little helicopter made it to Spain. Erik gave it the mission to travel around the world and it sure is doing that now! Not only that, but the finders made a web page for it (click here) where it looks like Be-ah is flying around in Marbella, Spain. My kids were totally amazed by that. Their reactions:
Erik 'How did they make it fly????'
Kate 'Is that really Erik's Be-ah? Where is the travel bug dog tag?'
Jane 'I think they scanned it on the page'
Tara 'I know it! They took a real helicopter and painted it in the colors of Be-ah!'
Tim 'I think they did it on the computer
Cees 'I know how they did it! They used very thin strings.'

So much fun to hear all those theories, especially the one where they took a real helicopter and painted it as a travelbug :-)

One of Tara's travel bugs is in Virginia now, and on its way to the Amazon! If that works out, it will be our second out of country travel bug. Who needs school if you can do geography by geocaching? ;-)

Went to the go club again today, and actually managed to win a game. I have been on a losing streak lately, so this was nice. I guess all the studying is bad for my play, I try out new things, and they don't always work out. Oh well.

My big activity for the day was cleaning out the fridge. It's amazing the number of science experiments which were hiding in there. I hadn't dared to even open one of the vegetable drawers for months! You don't want to know how it looked in there, unlike my kids, who were all looking at it with very keen interest.

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