Friday, February 11, 2005

Fudge Drops

Have been wanting to make those for a week or so, and now I finally did! Not in time for this morning's homeschool club, but hey, that means there is more for our family :-) We have more kids anyway, having two extra kids here for a sleepover. So I am sure the drops will get eaten somehow.

This is not only about fudge drops, but it is also about actually being organized enough to get them baked. As opposed to planning to bake, but life getting in the way. It really is time to get pregnant again, to throw off my back on track life :-)

Had a fun homeschool club meeting, the kids had organized a valentine's day party. Any excuse for a party :-) There were all kinds of entertaining activities, yummy treats (too much sugar :-) and a magic show. A good time was had by all.

The snow wasn't too bad, just a lot and very heavy, but we got ourselves dug out in just a few hours. We have had worse storms than this.

Not only did I make fudge drops today, but I also got dinner made for 9 kids and 2 adults. Hmmmm, maybe I am ready for twins instead of just one baby :-)

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