Thursday, February 10, 2005


We have been doing some baby signs with Sylvia, but I hadn't been sure yet whether she was using them yet. But yesterday, she very clearly made the papa sign when we were talking about him. Not perfectly, but still very clear what she meant. I just love watching her develop and grow and do cool things like that. She is really able to communicate more and more.

Life has been hectic, as usual. Between geocaching, the go shodan challenge, cooking, baking, cleaning, grocery shopping, decluttering, and homeschooling, there just isn't much time left for writing.

We are being hit by a major snow storm, blech! I got myself stuck on our street today, the car just refused to go up in all that slush. That was after going to the dentist for the umpteenth time, not a good day. Now Sylvia has a fever, and I never got to bake the cookies for the homeschool club tomorrow, and we are supposed to get 12 to 20 inches of snow. Very heavy, very wet snow. But I got split pea soup made, and baked yummy whole wheat bread.

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